The blast chiller

Freddy is the first blast chiller designed for domestic use, and is ideal for anyone who cares about sound nutrition and enjoys cooking for themselves and for others.
Freddy combines slow heat with blast chilling (patented Irinox technology) providing 9 innovative functions that enable blast chilling of cooked food, quickly and carefully freezing and thawing food, cooking meat and fish at low temperature, rising bread, pizza and focaccia, and provides meals that are hot and ready to serve as well as chilling wine and other drinks.
Freddy is made entirely from stainless steel, is equipped with a probe that monitors food core temperature and an intuitive, easy-to-use soft touch control panel.

Benefits of using freddy

Choosing Freddy means you and your family will enjoy a varied, nutritious diet thanks to its preservation of food characteristics: vitamins, nutrients, colour and fragrance. Even softness, appearance and texture, which are always guarantees of freshness, are perfectly preserved.

Freddy allows you to save on everyday shopping and avoid waste with smart seasonal shopping at the best prices of food that you can store for months.

Our blast chiller allows you to plan your shopping and in particular cook when you have time and feel like it, preparing stress-free lunches and dinners in advance and at your leisure. You will rediscover the enjoyment of good company at the dinner table and the freedom to organize last minute meals.

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It will only take twenty minutes to prepare a complete meal for twenty people, a delicious seasonal menu easy to prepare and store thanks to the innovative technology Irinox makes available to households.


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