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Cooking is art, passion, joie de vivre, love.
Irinox Home Collection is dedicated to all those who love cooking and fine food.
Irinox kitchen appliances are new generation tools that offer the best in technology for the best in everything that is natural, ensuring the best in long-term storage of fresh food. Quality, freshness and flavour – simply the authentic taste of food – are perfectly preserved.

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Freddy is the first blast chiller designed for domestic use, and is ideal for anyone who cares about sound nutrition and enjoys cooking for themselves and others.

Freddy combines slow cooking and fast chilling (patented Irinox technology) providing 9 innovative functions: blast chilling of cooked food, quick gentle freezing and thawing, low temperature cooking for meat and fish, proofing of bread, pizza and focaccia, and providing hot ready-to-serve meals, as well as chilling wine and other drinks.

Freddy is made entirely of stainless steel, and is equipped with a probe that monitors food core temperature and an intuitive, easy-to-use soft touch control panel.

Freshness becomes a way of life with Freddy!

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Freddy's 9 functions

Freddy combines slow cooking and fast chilling (Irinox patented technology)
to offer 9 innovative functions.

  • Blast chilling at +3°C

    Freddy’s chilling cycle rapidly lowers the core temperature of hot, just cooked food to +3°C. By quickly dropping through the 40°C to 10°C temperature range Freddy blocks evaporation and prevents bacterial proliferation. It also preserves quality, fragrance, colours and scents and triples food life.

  • Delicate shock freezing at -18°C

    Ideal for hot and/or delicate food, this cycle lowers temperature gradually until it reaches +3°C, which then drops to -18°C for non-aggressive shock freezing.

  • Shock freezing at -18°C

    The shock freezing cycle at -18°C extends food storage life to up to 6-18 months. The more rapidly the liquid contained in food is frozen (micro-crystallization), the better the product’s quality is when thawed.

  • Controlled thawing

    Freddy thaws food rapidly by means of gentle ventilation which withholds the micro-crystallized liquid in the food. In this way food is thawed evenly without partial cooking and is fresh, tasty and compact as if it had never been in the freezer.

  • Natural proofing

    Controlled proofing at a constant temperature allows the yeast in bread, pizza and brioches to develop evenly. Freddy ensures that all types of proofed products maintain intense flavour, light structure, just the right crumbly texture and, above all, are easier to digest.

  • Ready-made dish

    Your favourite dish is steaming hot and waiting for you when you’re ready. By simply setting the time you will return home the dishes will first of all be kept as if they were in the fridge, and then taken to a preset heating temperature.

  • Low-temperature cooking

    Low-temperature cooking gently cooks meat and fish, never exceeding a core temperature of +70°C. It exalts flavours, maintains a tender consistency and ensures uniform cooking.

  • Customized preservation

    Choose the ideal temperature, -20° to +65°C, to preserve food, even delicate things like home-made ice cream, fresh fish or chocolate.

  • Drinks cooling

    Just a few minutes are enough to chill wine, cool soft drinks or offer your guests freshly made aperitifs. Chills bottles at a speed of around 1°C per minute.

Why choose Freddy?

Preserve the freshness of food

The freshness of produce bought at the local market or just picked from the garden can be recognized from its flavour, colours, texture and taste. With Freddy food remains fresh three times longer. And when you eat it, it will be as fresh as just picked or bought. There is nothing like the deep, delicious aroma of basil. With Freddy it will no longer be just a memory of the summer!

Cook when you have time, eat healthily every day.

Time is a priceless resource, and getting control of our time is a huge achievement.
With Freddy you can cook when you feel like it, prepare your meals in advance and have them ready at any time for any occasion; and you eat fresh, healthy food every day because Freddy perfectly preserves the colours, aromas, texture and nutrients of all ingredients.

Reduce waste to zero

Fruit and vegetables are cheaper when they are in season.
With Freddy you can buy seasonal products and keep them for months, so you eat better and spend less because food will last longer and never be wasted. You can decide to shop once a week, chill or freeze part of the food and regenerate it when needed.

Rediscover the pleasure of eating together

You can invite friends even at the last minute or on a working day, because everything's ready.
With Freddy you no longer have to prepare everything at the last minute or serve simple menus because you do not have enough time to cook. And during meals you can enjoy the company of your guests while Freddy is working for you.

Rediscover the enjoyment of good company at the dining table,
and the freedom to organize
last minute meals.


The first household blast chiller.

Cooked food blast chilled with Freddy lasts 3 times as long and is top quality.


Complete menu ideas

Twenty minutes for twenty people

With Freddy you can invite your friends over any day of the week because you have everything ready. It will take just 20 minutes in the kitchen to serve a 4-course meal for up to 20 people.

See below a list of delicious recipes that are extremely easy to prepare and preserve.
Revive the pleasure of tasting delicious, genuine menus and having a good time in good company.


- Aubergine, goat cheese and lemon thyme flan served with caramelized baby plum tomatoes

- Vegetable crêpe rolls

- Thyme and basil lamb bites

- Ricotta pie

- Vanilla sauce

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