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Fresh meat and fish

  • Meat
  • Fresh fish

Cheese and salamis

  • Cheese
  • Salamis

Fruit and vegetables

Vacuum-packed raw and cooked vegetables can be kept 2-3 times longer than fresh produce and will maintain their bright colours for 5-7 days.
Using the special “Vuotobox” containers by Irinox, featuring lids with a special vacuum valve, cooked vegetables can be kept intact for 4-5 days.
Thanks to Zero you only need to shop for fruit and vegetables once a week!

Jams and sauces

Jams, sauces, meat sauces and mayonnaise can be kept perfectly in traditional glass jars that have been vacuum sealed.
Once open, the jars can be easily vacuum sealed again, ready for a new preservation cycle.

Dry products

Humidity is a real problem for dry products such as crackers, biscuits, desiccated fruit, etc.
Vacuum preservation makes it possible to keep their fragrance and crunchiness intact for months.