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Irinox Home Collection is intelligence, sensitivity and desire expressed by 4 products created to put the soul into cooking.
The kitchen becomes a place where health and wellbeing reign. Design is enhanced by intelligent, people-friendly technology aimed at increasingly dynamic, balanced lifestyles.
For us. For nature. For the pleasure of eating together.


Microfiltered water, from the first to the last drop.

Wave is a domestic water dispenser that connects directly to the local water mains to provide fresh, natural, good quality water, sparkling and microfiltered right up to the last drop. Purity is guaranteed by the special filter that removes up to 99% impurities with diameters up to 0.5 micron, including asbestos fibres and other microorganisms found in water, chlorine, mould and algae, protecting the dispenser from wear. Wave isn’t just pure water: it improves the flavour and taste of water and ensures it’s fresh at every sip.

Purity has a flavour. Three, in fact.

Wave dispenses 3 types of water: microfiltered at ambient temperature, microfiltered chilled and sparkling microfiltered chilled. For those who prefer water at ambient temperature, Wave provides 99.9% purified water. For those who want chilled microfiltered water, Wave offers a choice of three different temperatures: 4°C, 6°C or 8° C. For those who want sparkling water, Waves comes with an adjustable carbonation system.

Wave 45

Niche dimensions:
L min. 597 mm
D min. 547 mm
H min. 450 mm

Finishes available

  • Brushed steel with matt black handle
  • Black glass with an anodized steel handle

De Castelli

All products in the collection can be customized with any material of the De Castelli range,
in which case they come with a black glass control panel and a steel handle.

  • Striped Délabré Copper
  • Striped Délabré Brass
  • Striped Délabré Iron
  • Délabré Copper
  • Délabré Brass
  • Délabré Iron


Wave improves the flavour of your water and makes it airy.

Wave is extremely easy to use; its display has three simple buttons, one for each function. It’s easy to select and immediately receive the type of water at the required temperature.

Wave's benefits

Water is essential to life - the human body is made up of approx. 70% water. Precisely because water is our principal nutrient and source of energy, its quality is crucial. The water arriving in our homes has been purified but often also impoverished, with too much chlorine, fluoride and other undesirable material that is released inside pipelines.

Wave purifies your water and improves its flavour thanks to an excellent active carbon filtering system which removes bacteria, chlorine and heavy metals. Three buttons on the display are used to choose between micro-filtered still water at ambient temperature, cooled micro-filtered still water and cooled micro-filtered sparkling water.

Made entirely of stainless steel with a scotch brite, no-smudge or coarse satin finish, Wave is available in a built-in 45 cm or 60 cm high model, and in a counter top model also available on a matching stainless steel stand.

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