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A long-standing tradition of bold and undisputed innovation!

We made our debut on the market in 1989, and founded Irinox to produce the first blast chillers for catering and confectionery. At the time, this technology was all but unheard of and the product was a real breakthrough.

Over the years, thanks to the belief that the product would bring about a real revolution in all kitchens and thanks to the passion that drove its founders, Irinox has won over customers and has launched partnerships all over the world.

More than 30 models and six generations of products in over 30 years, wholly designed and built in Italy at our facilities in Conegliano and Vittorio Veneto (Treviso), bear witness to our unwavering dedication to continuous research.

Our guiding values since the very beginning, are:

Continuous innovation;

The steadfast commitment to producing durable and high-performing products, with no compromises in the choice of the best materials.

Today, our iconic blast chillers can be seen in the most renowned kitchens, bakeries and food production centres all over the world: from New York to San Francisco, from Santiago del Chile to Bogotá, from Tokyo to Sidney.

In 2002 we designed and presented the first blast chiller that - by features, dimensions and design - was suitable for home kitchens.

Once again, this was an absolute breakthrough, the result of our belief that, even at home, food can be treated and preserved in the best way thanks to blast chilling.

The future requires care and commitment to ensure an increasingly sustainable lifestyle.

Thanks to our quick cooling technology, it is possible to drastically reduce food waste, which helps the planet.

A new quality of life

Having an Irinox means being part of the history of innovation and embarking on a long journey of discovery, because its advantages will change forever the way you look at food, and at the way it’s processed and preserved.


Helping people to eat well, to live better, every day.


A blast chiller in every household.


We promote a lifestyle that enables everyone to eat clean and high-quality food, to take care of their diet and that of their family, easily, while reducing waste and making it easier to share meals with friends and loved ones.

Discover Irinox Home Collection

Thanks to the Irinox Home Collection, the kitchen becomes the temple of health and well-being. The Irinox Home Collection includes five products designed to add to the ambiance of the kitchen, as well as to support a balanced and sustainable lifestyle.

Corporate values

Let's imagine a world where every family has a blast chiller, a world where food is eaten wisely and lovingly as nourishment.

Food is life

What we eat is important, that's why we love fresh natural food. No additives, no preservatives, just what nature creates and our hands process. And rapid chilling helps us to keep vitamins, colours and fragrances intact naturally.

Cooking is happiness

We are absolutely convinced that we can help ourselves and our customers enjoy a better way of life through small daily actions in the heart of the family home: the kitchen. Our technology spoils you and your family every day; we know this and feel responsible and happy!

Food unites

Convivial occasions are a good excuse to spend time together; they involve rites and traditions and create opportunities to enjoy company, chat, laugh and joke. Family and friends come together at mealtimes and business is often done at table. Take it from us!

Technology frees us

Cooking for oneself and loved ones is an act of love that makes us happy. But why renounce all the other pleasures in life because time is short? We at Irinox believe that technology is a valid instrument for doing things well without making sacrifices. Technology frees us from clock-watching.

Zero waste

We are well-informed ethical consumers. In the same way as we appreciate the farm-to-table philosophy, we promote a zero-waste philosophy. No raw materials or food must be wasted; our technology makes it possible to preserve them naturally so we can use them over time.

Seasonal produce

In nature there are four seasons. When seasonal produce is ripe it must be consumed, processed or thrown away. If it can't all be consumed, we at Irinox give you the possibility to extend its storage life. Shock freezing is like a taking snapshot of the food's quality, which we can take out and enjoy again after the season has gone.

We're here

We encourage a new lifestyle. Aware that we are bringing a revolution into the kitchen, we are up front and ready to teach all our customers how to use our machines and get the most out of them, without neglecting personal traditions, schedules and the value of food.


Creative synergy of elements.

MM Design

Project:: Home Collection

Models: Freddy, Wave, Zero

Company: Irinox Home

Design: MM Design

MM Design studio has redesigned our collection. Design focuses mainly on reducing the impact of the front, for example by eliminating protrusions and providing an encased handle in anodized aluminium.

Another distinguishing feature is the greatly reduced height of the front panel that accommodates a touch display with visible functions and a user-friendly interface.
However, the real novelty is the opportunity to customise the front by using a new bonding method that makes it possible to choose different colours, materials and finishes.

MM Design has been committed for some time to creating the right mix between industrial and artisan production, in order to boost the enormous potential of products Made in Italy.


compassodoro 2008
Special mention at XXI Compasso d’Oro
award 2010
International Forum Product Design Award (IF)
international 2015
Mention at the ADI International Compasso d’Oro Award