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Blast chiller

Blast chiller

A new quality of life.

Eating well every day is now possible.
Being able to stop time and enjoy one long season, where all foods are always in season.
With blast chillers from Irinox Home, fast chilling and slow cooking are at your service.

The appliance of the future is here, now, for you.

The blast chiller is a new-generation, multifunctional household appliance, which makes it possible to cool down food in a very short time and achieve a three-fold extension of its shelf-life in the fridge and freezer. But there’s more!

You can also make raw fish safe to eat, cook meat and fish at low temperature, cool bottles and proof dough at the perfect temperature.

All that is possible thanks to a user-friendly, soft-touch control panel.

Bringing seasonal vegetables to the table at any time of year and finding dishes cooked five days earlier in the refrigerator, as bright and tasty as if they were just made, is a dream come true.

Just with the Irinox Home's technology.

Freshness, an endless moment

The blast chiller is the only household appliance that, thanks to the rapid cooling process, is able to stop time and perfectly preserve the taste, scent, colour, and nutritional properties of food. Thanks to the Irinox Home range of blast chillers, time can be stopped and you can enjoy seasonal food all year round. 

Who is the Irinox Home blast chiller designed for?

Green living

For you, who wish to make the best of seasonal produce. But also want to do all the shopping and cooking once a week, reducing food waste to zero.


For you, who love stocking up on delicious homemade snacks or breakfast food, without any preservatives or additives, to ensure your children eat well.

BBQ lover

For you, who love bringing out all the flavour of meat thanks to slow, low-temperature cooking, for perfectly and evenly grilled meat.

Sushi lover

For you, who love raw fish and want to serve it in complete safety, with no risk of Anisakis contamination.


For you, who love cooking like a real Chef and wish to preserve all the quality of the most refined ingredients.

Pâtisserie Lover

For you, who love baking like a real Pastry Chef, and wish to reduce the long waiting times between the various steps.