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The blast chiller

The blast chiller

The Irinox Home blast chiller is the dream come true of a time machine at your disposal.

An appliance able to freeze the quality of food in its prime and to preserve it unspoilt over time.

Taste, vitamins, colour and texture can cross the boundaries of space and time, to be then used at

their best.

Why choose blast chillers from Irinox Home?

Irinox Home blast chillers are aimed at all those who value quality, freshness, and that authentic taste

that only fresh food can give. An evolution in technology and design to protect a wealth at the reach of

everyone: the vitamins, colours, tastes and smells of fresh food.

A new quality of life


Zero waste

The blast chiller helps reduce waste

because food is preserved at its

freshest with its quality

maintained, tripling its shelf life

in the fridge.


Extended freshness

You can preserve the freshness of

raw materials such as seasonal fruit

and vegetables perfectly. All the

nutritional properties will remain

intact, the foods will be healthier

and more enjoyable all year round.


Time saving

You can prepare food in advance,

cooking when you have time and

eating it when you want. You can do

the shopping once a week,

preserving the food and warming it

up when needed.


The pleasure of time

You can use the blast chiller to

prepare everything in advance and

invite friends at the last minute,

offering them the quality and

variety of a meal planned days


With an Irinox Home blast chiller,

freshness becomes an infinite instant.

Discover the blast chillers of Irinox Home

Fresco® Classic

Fresco® Classic

L'abbattitore di temperatura da appoggio per la casa

Fresco® Élite

Fresco® Élite

L'abbattitore di temperatura da appoggio per la casa



L'abbattitore di temperatura da incasso ad uso domestico

Fresco® Classic

The freestanding blast chiller for the


Fresco® Élite

The freestanding blast chiller for the



The built-in blast chiller for the