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Baby food with Fresco®, a special helping hand

Baby food with Fresco®, a special helping hand
Weaning is the entry phase into the world of food; how do we ensure healthy nutrition for our children?
Mothers are always looking for healthy food for their children. Very often, however, relying on ready-made products means not being able to control the quality of what we consume.
Industrial foods contain a lot of sugar and preservatives, and are not suitable for young children. The solution is to opt for home-made food, with controlled and safely sourced ingredients.

That's why Fresco® can be so valuable in the kitchen
For example, thanks to Fresco®, you can freeze vegetable broth in convenient single portions and store them in the refrigerator for up to one week. The qualities, organoleptic characteristics and vitamins of homemade broth will remain unaltered. 

With Fresco® at home, you can freeze baby food, so it is always available whenever you need it!