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Preserve freshness, with Irinox Home blast chillers

Preserve freshness, with Irinox Home blast chillers
How many times have we opened our refrigerator and been hit by the bad smell of blackened ham, rotten cheese, or a mouldy tangerine?
How many times have we finished dinner, picked up the plates and thrown away all the leftovers?
How many times have we defrosted a slice of meat and, after cooking it, it no longer seemed as soft and tasty as when we bought it at the butcher's shop? 
Our days are full of episodes like this.

Irinox Home blast chillers
are the answer to some of the growing needs of our time: the elimination of food waste, a sustainable lifestyle, a healthy and balanced diet with fresh, quality products.

By blast chilling what we cook, we can keep the food as though freshly made in the refrigerator for 5 days, instead of 2! Opening the fridge and finding all our food colourful, fragrant and full of its nutritional properties will be the new image of our fridge, delighting both eyes and palate.

With an Irinox Home blast chiller, freshness becomes a way of life! 
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