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Single who cooks!

Single who cooks!
Save time, maintain quality: the Fresco® blast chiller keeps you company! 
Single by choice, single out of necessity, single by vocation. 

People who live alone risk falling into the temptation of shortcuts. A kebab or pizza on the couch, a sandwich hastily prepared and eaten in front of the computer, even an app for home deliveries.
Today, however, there is more and more focus on the quality of raw materials, sustainability and zero food miles. 
Fresco® gives you the opportunity to cultivate your passion for cooking even in hectic times, squeezed in between work, city stress, and the tyranny of time.

Fresco® helps you bake your single-portions without throwing anything away, plan weekend lunches, prepare gourmet dinners with friends in advance, always have dishes made with seasonal products.

Fresco® keeps you company in the kitchen!