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Fruit in syrup with Fresco®


  • 450 gr of pears
  • 450 ml of water
  • 450 gr of sugar
  • 3 star anise berries
  • Half a vanilla pod
  • 10 grains of black pepper
Fruit in syrup with Fresco®


  • Time: long


  • Fruit in syrup with Fresco®
  • Fruit in syrup with Fresco®


  • Average


Pour 450 ml of water and 450 g of sugar into a saucepan and let it melt over medium-low heat until a syrup is obtained. Stir often.

Peel the pears, remove the core and cut into cubes about 2 cm thick. Pour the pears into a container with star anise berries, black pepper in grains and the vanilla pod open. When the water and sugar syrup is ready, let it cool slightly and pour into the container with the pears (make sure that the syrup covers the pears well).

Cook the pears dipped in the syrup in Fresco® preheated with the low temperature cooking function at 75°C for 5 hours. At the end cool them quickly with the function of blast chilling for 2 hours. In this way they can be stored in the refrigerator for 30-40 days. 

They can be served, once drained from the syrup, with ice cream or with natural white yogurt. Or they can be used to decorate desserts. 


It is also possible to transfer the pears with the syrup inside Bormioli pots, close them and vacuum with the classic boiling. This way you can keep them longer.