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Freddy online training

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Freddy online training


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Freddy online training

Freddy, the blast chiller by Irinox Home, in the built-in version.

A cutting-edge household appliance, an actual time machine that will amaze you, day after day.

With Freddy at home, you can capture all the quality and the organoleptic properties of your favourite foods, and keep them intact over time, for longer. All that is made possible by blast chilling technology.
But there’s more! With Freddy at home, you can also cook at low temperature and thaw frozen food, proof dough at controlled temperature and set the timer to have your dish ready when you want.

You have Freddy at home, but would like to delve deeper into all its secrets and get tips on its use?
Buy the online, 60-minute training course, specifically designed for you! 

A unique opportunity to explore the world of Freddy and all its innovative features.

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