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Fresco® Classic online training

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Fresco® Classic online training


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Fresco® Classic online training

Fresco® Classic, the freestanding blast chiller by Irinox Home, will revolutionise your experience in the kitchen.

Fresco® Classic lets you cool down food in an extremely short time and achieve a three-fold extension of its shelf-life in the fridge or freezer. But there’s more!
You can also make raw fish safe, cook meat and fish at low temperature, chill wine and drinks, store food at the perfect temperature, and proof dough constantly and evenly.

You have Fresco® Classic at home, but would like to delve deeper into its secrets?
Buy the online, 60-minute training course, specifically designed for you! 

A unique opportunity to familiarise yourself with all the innovative features of Fresco® Classic and get practical tips that you can use every day.

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