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A recipe dedicated to mothers!

A recipe dedicated to mothers!
A special recipe, dedicated to mothers who love to prepare wholesome and healthy snacks for their children! 
While industrial snacks and other pre-packaged baked goods are very tasty, they are not so healthy. 
For this reason, home-made cakes and sandwiches are the best solution! Say goodbye to hydrogenated vegetable fats, colourings, preservatives and other chemical additives.
Freddy, the built-in blast chiller, will become your helping hand in the kitchen
In just a few hours you can prepare a supply of tasty, healthy snacks to enjoy at any time of day. Such as raspberry and blueberry popsicles, which are quick and easy to make at home with Freddy. Discover the recipe now!

Raspberry and blueberry popsicle recipe

Ingredients: blueberries 50 g, raspberries 50 g, water 100 g, juice of half a lemon, sugar 40 g.

Procedure: heat the water in a saucepan and add the sugar. Once ready, cool the resulting syrup in Freddy, with the blast chilling function at +3°C.
Blend the blueberries and raspberries, add the cold syrup and the juice of half a lemon. After straining the mixture, pour it into special popsicle moulds. Place the popsicles in Freddy and, thanks to the quick-freezing function at -18°C, they will be ready in minutes!

Thanks to Freddy, the built-in blast chiller, freshness is part of home!