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The benefits of Zero: the built-in vacuum sealer

The benefits of Zero: the built-in vacuum sealer
The main advantages of removing air, i.e. using vacuum packing, are to slow the ageing and oxidation of food. The containers used (pouches, vacuum boxes, jars) also play a key role, as they ensure the perfect preservation of the natural moisture of each food.
Why choose Zero?

Zero is a professionally-derived technology to extend the shelf life of food and experiment with the innovative technique of vacuum cooking, which has been used for many years in restaurants all over the world.

The vacuum-preservation technique consists of removing air from a casing containing a foodstuff, thus slowing its ageing, oxidation and spoilage, significantly increasing its shelf life by up to 5 times.

With Zero, a vacuum can be created in special bags, in 'vacuum boxes' - special containers with lids - and in traditional Bormioli jars.