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Irinox Home Collection is intelligence, sensitivity and desire expressed by 4 products created to put the soul into cooking.
The kitchen becomes a place where health and wellbeing reign. Design is enhanced by intelligent, people-friendly technology aimed at increasingly dynamic, balanced lifestyles.
For us. For nature. For the pleasure of eating together.

Fresco Élite

Fresco Élite

We are proud to introduce you to Fresco® Élite, the appliance for magic, swift food chilling.

You’re sure to fall in love at first sight with its exclusive design, and once you’ve tried it, you’ll never again want to do without it in the kitchen.
Fresco® Élite is the only household appliance that can triple the shelf life of fresh or cooked food, inspiring you to unleash your culinary potential and create flavours never tasted before.
If you are looking to cook and store your dishes like a pro, bake your favourite salmon fillet at low temperature or simply eliminate Anisakis from fresh fish tartare, Fresco® Élite is what you need.
With Fresco® Élite you will finally be able to enjoy the delicious taste of freshly picked summer strawberries in the midst of winter, and bring out of the fridge vegetables cooked five days before, still bursting with flavour and colour.


Outer dimensions (WxDxH):
W566xD380xH382 mm (Total H405, including 23mm high feet)
Weight: 33 Kg
Voltage/Socket: 220/240 V 50 Hz - Schuko
Total power: 310 W Energy consumption: 2,12 A


Brushed stainless steel outer finish
Dark grey toughened glass door
Dark grey toughened glass control panel
Brushed stainless steel handle
Stainless steel back
Mechanical door stop with 160° max. opening angle


Preserving freshness is easier than you think.
Blast chilling and slow cooking at your service in just 9 functions.


    Blast chill any type of cooked food and store it safely in the refrigerator for up to seven days.

    Food blast chilled with Fresco® Élite stays fresh and lasts perfectly for seven days instead of usual two!


    Shock frozen food keeps perfectly in the freezer for up to six-eight months.

    Fresco® Élite rapidly cools your raw or cooked food down to freezer temperature, without it changing consistency or losing quality upon thawing. Nobody will ever tell the food you are serving has actually been in the freezer.


    An absolutely essential function that freezes more delicate types of food for later storage in the freezer.

    Fresco® Élite delicately freezes even the most delicate food, including items that are particularly sensitive to freezing and thawing. Your delicately frozen leavened or unleavened bakery products will not lose any of their taste, texture or flavour.


    Should unexpected guests drop by, make sure your drinks are cold.

    Fresco® Élite chills any type of drink in just a few minutes. Forget about cramming the fridge with bottles, and be ready to serve your wine chilled at just the right temperature in no more than 15 minutes.


    A function that gently thaws food without spoiling it.

    Controlled thawing preserves the texture of food, which will look and taste as good as just cooked or bought.


    Special food requires special temperatures. Now you can set just the right preservation temperature for your food, from -20°C to +65°C

    Got some leftover artisan ice cream at home? Set your Fresco® Élite on -12°C and enjoy super-creamy ice cream for days to come.


    Slow, delicate, low-temperature cooking is ideal for boosting the flavour of your meat and fish.

    At last, Fresco® Élite gives you a delicate, truly healthy cooking method that keeps your meat and fish perfectly tender to the bite and full of flavour. With all the juices staying in the meat and fish, there will be no need for loads of condiments.


    Always wanted to come home and find your meal ready for you to enjoy?

    Fresco® Élite can also be your personal butler and produce a steaming hot dish at the exact time you want one! Go on a worry-free outing, leave your dish in the blast chiller and set the time you will be back.


    Fresco® Élite creates the right proofing environment for your dough.

    Whether it’s for bread, pizza or French croissants, the dough will rise at controlled temperature and humidity, yielding lighter, more digestible products.

There is clearly a difference

Meat, fish and vegetables in all their glory, even after storage.

New dishes will enhance your cuisine.

At last super safe raw fish, and seasonal fruit available all year round!


Fresco® Élite is the only appliance that can rapidly chill or freeze hot, just-cooked food and thaw it under controlled conditions. It can also cook meat and fish at low temperature, proof bread, pizza and bakery dough, serve you with a piping hot dish whenever you want, preserve food at the ideal temperature and chill wine and drinks.


Save on time and money.


Preserve the quality of the ingredients you buy and cook.

Zero Waste

Tripled storage time means no more food wastage.

Cook like a chef

Safely serve raw fish and meat cooked at low temperature.

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